Naveen at Work

The sense of the 'possible' draws our attention to what 'could be', and therein lies the concept of 'hope', of the capability of favourable development.

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Your Voice

For Naveen, being a successful representative of people has always meant a close involvement in their interests and well being. Among his top priorities is the need to reach out to the masses and help constituents approach him to ensure prompt action on their requirements. And, this is what people have to say about Naveen.

“Naveen-ji is my brother, he is a god to me… when my wife Renukarani had cancer, he gave us support, he helped us financially, it was like saving a man who was drowning, he is my ideal, a source of inspiration for me”.
Suresh Kumar, Thanesar Kurukshetra

“He (Naveen) is a friend for all who are needy, he has helped the poor get education, opened gymnasiums and arranged for free medical facilities”.
Subhash Sharma, Barna Kurukshetra

“For us, Naveen-ji is everything.”
Vedpal Saini, Kaserla – Kurukshetra

“He (Naveen) takes care of everyone, helps people who are sick, gives shelter to the homeless…he has solved 95% problems for the poor, he is always involved in our physical, mental and economic well being.”
Mangatram Yogi, Khajuri – Yamunanagar

“In Kurukshetra, Naveen-ji is like generous ‘Karan’ for us, he utilises his own funds to provide every facility for us, no other MP in the entire country is like Naveen-ji”.
Ashok Kumar, Yamunanagar