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The sense of the 'possible' draws our attention to what 'could be', and therein lies the concept of 'hope', of the capability of favourable development.

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Why politics? I could have taken the path expected of me, solely devoted myself to expanding the empire I inherited from my father, basked in the glory of my own achievements in industry and sports, and spent a lifetime blaming the system for hampering India’s growth. I could have… but I did not. Because I realised that there was no point in joining the chorus of complaints from the citizenry about the systemic problems we encounter, unless I was willing to do something about it. And there was no point in feeling pain at the poverty and inequality I saw around me, if I did nothing beyond shrugging these off as inevitabilities inherent in the Indian reality.

Gandhi said: Be the change you want to see in the world. In the heat and dust of politics, I have found a means to do just that. India is blessed with a wealth of human talent and natural resources. But too many children out there are working when they should be studying, too few adults know how to even write their names, too many women are denied the right to choose when to marry and when to have babies, and too many men refuse to take responsibility for birth control. These are facts that should make us hang our heads in shame as the world looks towards us as a potential superpower.

Politics is my way of making a difference… in my constituency – Kurukshetra, in my home state – Haryana, and right across this great nation that I love.

I do not want to wait for a time when age and physical frailty hamper my abilities. So I’ve begun during the best years of my life. And one day along with the rest of today’s youth, I hope to look back and say with satisfaction that I did not just dream of a great India, but that I worked hard to build the India of my dreams! Jai Hind!

– Naveen Jindal