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The sense of the 'possible' draws our attention to what 'could be', and therein lies the concept of 'hope', of the capability of favourable development.

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21st century puts forth a changing face of India. There is a fresh air of optimism and youthful energy. There is something more than just a single-minded quest for success. There is a young man’s dream for growth and development, not just for the self, but for the entire nation. To help those in need, and to help them grow and develop along with him. He is dashing and dynamic, he is determined and devoted to the cause of the people, for he is one of them. He is Naveen Jindal, the youngest son of steel visionary Shri O.P. Jindal.

After completing his MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas, USA, Naveen took over the management of the Raigarh & Raipur divisions of Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL). In a short span of time, with his numerous initiatives he transformed JSPL from a moderately performing company in the steel sector into a star performer.

He is not afraid to take challenges head-on. At that time it was difficult to successfully implement a coal-based sponge iron technology using high ash Indian thermal coal in the Raigarh unit. The plant was set up in a backward area of Chhattisgarh, which made operating the plant all the more challenging. The unit, under the leadership of Naveen, not only successfully adapted the coal based sponge iron technology but ventured into new areas by setting up captive power plants, which used waste products of the sponge iron making process to generate power. The addition of captive iron ore and coal mines has enhanced the operational efficiencies of the plant, making JSPL a trailblazer in the steel sector. This business model of complete backward and forward integration has now become a benchmark in the steel industry.

JSPL is today one of the most efficiently run steel companies in the world in terms of scale of operations. Naveen attributes this success to the invaluable guidance and inspiration that he draws from his father, and the hard work put in by the dedicated team of professionals and workers.

If he has used his head and heart in his professional life, it is his soul with which he serves the nation. Naveen’s passion for social welfare led him to a career in politics. As he himself states: “I do not want to wait for a time when age and physical frailty hamper my abilities. So I’ve begun during the best years of my life. And one day along with the rest of today’s youth, I hope to look back and say with satisfaction that I did not just dream of a great India, but that I worked hard to build the India of my dreams!”

His dynamism, energy and determination have caught the imagination of the youth across the country. His call for nation building needs your support. Come, let’s join hands with Naveen in his endeavour to help our fellow countrymen, and create a better and improved India, an ideal country where the rights of all will be honoured regardless of their varied culture, language, religious practices, gender, and socio-economic status whatsoever.